Wimbledon chairman reveals funny anecdote about Andre Agassi

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Wimbledon chairman reveals funny anecdote about Andre Agassi

In an interview to Tennishead, the former Wimbledon chairman Philip Brook revealed a funny anecdote involving Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf dated back to 2012. They got married in 2001. Brook said: “They arrived on time and were both immaculately dressed, but he was not wearing a tie – and of course I had to deal with it.

He was going to be sitting next to me on the front row, so after exchanging some pleasantries, I had to take him to one side and say: ‘Andre, we’ve got to fix this. This is not going to land well for you and it’s not going to land well for us.

If you walk into the Royal Box [without a tie] you will be on the front pages of every newspaper for all the wrong reasons.’ He was wearing a white suit and being a member, a purple and green Club tie worked perfectly well.

John Dunningham, who was a committee member, was on duty that day, so he took Andre off to the men’s cloakroom. Walking to the cloakroom, Andre said to him: ‘John, I need to tell you something. I can’t tie a tie.

I’ve never worn a tie in my life.’ They got to the cloakroom and John tried to teach him how to tie the tie while facing him – and of course, that was far too difficult. John ended up standing behind Andre and tieing the tie from behind. They came back and we got him on the court just about on time for the start of play."