Cori Gauff spoke about the criticism received

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Cori Gauff spoke about the criticism received

Cori Gauff feels she belongs to the WTA Tour. The American player won her maiden career title in last week's Linz Open and speaking to The Guardian, she said: “After Wimbledon and the US Open people were saying: ‘Oh, you’re just a one-time thing.

That’s a lot of hype' People would get mad that other people would talk about me, and say: ‘Why aren’t you hyping them? Why do you hype yourself up?’ I try to get people to [understand] that it’s not me posting about myself.

It’s other people, I can’t help it! I never really took it to heart. I guess I just used it as motivation to prove them wrong that I’m working hard here to stay on tour, not just be here. Yes, Wimbledon and US Open was great, but it wasn’t even really on the schedule for this year”.

On her father Corey's impact, Gauff added: “My dad has always instilled in me that I can do anything I want and he always tells me: ‘Just don’t limit yourself and set your goals as high as possible.’ I think that’s the reason why I believe in myself so much and everything I’ve done, I guess, for 15 has been great.

People always talk about my age. For other people, it seems to be a big deal but for me, it’s just my reality. Ever since I was young my parents have always told me I could do it. So, a lot of the things that happened, yes, it’s surprising but it’s not as big a surprise as it appears to everyone else”.