Pavlyuchenkova: 'My grandmother loves Fabio Fognini'

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Pavlyuchenkova: 'My grandmother loves Fabio Fognini'

In a press conference the Russian player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova spoke about her grandmother's big passion for tennis. She said: "My grandmother is a fan of tennis. She watches all the matches on TV at home. She knows all the players.

She can watch tennis all day seven days a week, matches in a row. She knows all the players on the ATP Tour. She can come to a press conference, ask questions, do interviews. She knows everything." Asked who she cheers on, Pavlyuchenkova replied: "She says nobody but she likes Fabio Fognini.

He is so pretty, everyone likes him. She is not embarassed by his behaviour. Yeah, she is a fan of Fognini." On the new Kremlin Cup venue, Pavlyuchenkova added: "I love it. It's a more sports venue which fits to sports.

There is more light, it's more pleasant and easier for the eyes. In the previous venue it was dark all day. It's like if I came to casino, at 8:00 AM it's dark, at 10:00 PM it's dark too. You get tired. Here the players area and restaurant are great, I really like everything.

It's good." Meanwhile according to reports, Stan Wawrinka and Christian Luscher are interested in buying the Geneva Open. There have already been some contacts in the earlier months of 2019. The Geneva Open is managed by the GTP (Ginevra Trophy Promotion) and Rainer Schüttler (former player), and also Gerard Tsobanian, Mutua Madrid Open organizer.

"The tournament is not on the market", he said. "We are not trying to sell it. Now, it's like when someone owns a nice property: someone sees it, appreciates it and they can always make an offer. Coming back to tennis, we say that this tournament has a licence that has a value and so a price needs to be a consequence.

I was not contacted in a direct way by nobody. I hear a lot, yes. But Stan has my phone number, he can call me whenever he wants, if he wants to speak."