Marion Bartoli: 'Anorexia touched me a lot'

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Marion Bartoli: 'Anorexia touched me a lot'

In an interview to Le Quotidien the former Wimbledon winner Marion Bartoli spoke about her co-operation with the Latvian player Jelena Ostapenko. "We actually have a similar mindset, two strong players who take the ball early.

With many strengths, but we both can improve the serve. If I had played three meters away from the baseline for my entire career, I would have had more problems to coach her. Our similarities should reassure her when I give her tactical advices."

Bartoli was asked what forced her to retire from the professional tour six years ago. "My right shoulder! It had bothered me in 2013 and I could not deal with pain anymore", said Bartoli. "I had big mental issue that I explained on my book and for me tennis was in 2018 a therapy to gain self confidence.

Being happy just hitting a ball. And while it was happening on court, I told myself, Why don't attempt a come back? But my right shoulder no longer has the ability to cope with all what's needed: serves, training...

It hurts me a lot. That's why we take a hitting partner to play with Jelena. From the back of the court, I could still play with them. But on serve... Anyways, in 2018 I did not regret about not making a return. The anorexia touched me in a particular way and tennis made me enjoy living." Ostapenko will play in the Luxembourg semifinals against Anna Blinkova.