Karen Khachanov reveals how he met his wife Veronika

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Karen Khachanov reveals how he met his wife Veronika

In an interview Karen Khachanov spoke about how she fell in love with his current wife Veronika. They recently had a kid together. Khachanov said: "Me and Veronika have been knowing each other since we were eight years old.

She was also playing tennis. We met there. From age of 14 I understood I wanted to see her as my lifetime mate. Our relationship inspired me and helped me to go forward. She supported me, gave me confidence. At home, thank to her, I can disconnect from everything and re-find strengths before the next competition."

Asked what younger players are afraid of, Khachanov replied: "The most scarying nightmare as a kid was the fear to lose. In tournaments you always want to win. But every loss is an opportunity to reassess everything that doesn't work and make improvements in the next match."

Asked what his childhood dreams were, Khachanov replied: "Dreams stay there. For your entire life you want to achieve it and after that some of them came true, new ones appear. Some of them were already achieved: as a kid I dreamed of marrying Veronika and three years ago we got married.

The desire of becoming a professional tennis player came true, competing in the biggest stadiums around the world. And now I have new goals that, through perseverance and patience, will be achieved." Khachanov will play Vienna's Erste Bank Open next.