We are confident Medvedev plays 2020 St.Petersburg,not Laver Cup -Organizer

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We are confident Medvedev plays 2020 St.Petersburg,not Laver Cup -Organizer

The St. Petersburg Open organizer Natalia Kamelzon feels confident that the world No. 4 Daniil Medvedev will play the Russian event again next year in late September to try to retain his title despite the Laver Cup will definitely try to bring him for the first time after his amazing season.

"It goes without saying, we would like to see Daniil Medvedev at our tournament next year. Daniil himself said in public on many occasions that the tournament in St. Petersburg is really special for him and that he considers it to be one of the best on the ATP-Tour.

If you watched his on-court interview right after he beat Borna Coric in the finals, you must have paid attention to his dialogue with the crowd when Daniil asked himself the fans whether they want to see him next year. And after receiving a positive answer he promised to come back", said Kamelzon.

She also showed to be confident ahead of the future: "Sure, the best is yet to come for our tournament given the recent success of Medvedev, Khachanov and Rublev. These young players haven’t had their final say in tennis yet.

These are bright charismatic tennis players, each of them has his own peculiar style, his own circle of fans and followers who make it a point to come and watch their matches." Kamelzon concluded: "We run two tournaments: the St.

Petersburg Open on September 15-22, and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy –from January 28 till February 3. We haven’t exactly counted the number of weeks we work on them. I can just tell you that we can hardly spare a few days of rest after the end of each of those two events.

And then we immediately begin preparing for the next tournament. Only working in such intense regime can we maintain the same high level of quality of both our tournaments which were already named best tournament in their respective category."