Tsitsipas: 'US Open loss was the best thing that ever happened to me'

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Tsitsipas: 'US Open loss was the best thing that ever happened to me'

In a press conference at the Basel's Swiss Indoors Stefanos Tsitsipas recalled his US Open first round loss to Andrey Rublev. The Greek believes that he benefited from it. ”It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me,” Tsitsipas said.

“I stayed in New York for six or seven days after and it gave me time to discover new things. It was important for me to enjoy and realise what I needed in my life. It was my decision to live life how I wanted to, not how others wanted me to.

There was a time last summer when I doubted myself, [thought] that I wasn’t interesting as a person. I wanted to be someone else, but now I understand that it’s awesome to be myself. I practise more efficiently. I focus on things that may work not in the long term, but [will] in the short term.

I know where I should push more. Before, I was always seeking more and didn’t really understand what my orientations were. That would make me crazy, even during matches, and I’d have outbursts. I took things way too seriously and thought that was how I got the titles, whatever I was pushing towards.

I was pushing way too much and sometimes I have to enjoy it. I can’t win every single week." Tsitsipas also feels a better person having not to check social media channels every once: "I’m not checking Instagram on my phone for 30 or 40 minutes like I used to.

It was really stressful and drove me crazy a little bit. I feel a difference in my behavior and how I feel. I can connect with people better. Being away from social media and spending more quality time is one of the best things that’s happened to me”.