Stefanos Tsitsipas gunning for Davis Cup Play Offs

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Stefanos Tsitsipas gunning for Davis Cup Play Offs

Europe Group III Davis Cup event in Athens, Greece already had one hero with them – Stefanos Tsitsipas but by the end of it, they had two – the second one being Michail Pervolarakis. The 23-year old Pervolarakis got to meet Stefanos Tsitsipas during that time only and the latter has been very impressed with the former’s performances.

“I am really proud of him. He’s a really nice kid,” the 21-year-old Tsitsipas said of Pervolarakis. “I really feel him, like his calmness, his psychological balance when he’s on the court, it’s very, very inspiring, even though he’s not yet in the top 100, I feel like I can learn a lot from him and get as much as I can from him because he’s something different from what you see regularly on the tour”.

He further added, “He’s just so grounded and so self-balanced. I feel like I can trust him. I feel like whatever he does, whatever decision he takes it’s always for the better and there’s no wrong for him, and I’m really proud that we have a player like this on our team, because he can do a lot of things”.

Speaking about his experience during the Davis Cup, he commented, “Obviously winning all of my matches was a psychological lift. I don’t think of it [the losing streak] anymore, it’s gone, I completely forgot about it”.

“I played a lot of matches, that’s good for me. The level of tennis wasn’t the highest that I’m used to playing, but definitely psychologically I think it helps and I can leave from here with good memories in the back of my head and good moments that I shared with the team”.

He ended by saying, he has eyes on the Davis Cup Play offs now. “Of course. Now that we put so much effort to get to the play-offs, it’s important to keep it going, I don’t want to leave it on the side and not pay attention to it. Because I care about my country, I care about the team, and I think we have chances to progress even more”.