Blane Dodds: It's absolutely fantastic to see Andy back at the very top

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Blane Dodds: It's absolutely fantastic to see Andy back at the very top

Andy Murray's recent title win has come at the "perfect" time for Tennis Scotland as they await a funding boost from the Lawn Tennis Association, according to Tennis Scotland Chief Executive Blane Dodds. He also expects his organisation to get a very, very positive deal.

"It's absolutely fantastic to see him back at the very top," said Dodds. “Andy's win at the weekend - absolutely perfect timing because we know that Andy's now going to be around for the next two years, playing at the top of the game.

We wish him the very best”. "Kids are coming to us and now saying, 'yeah, we want to be the best players in the world' When my generation were playing tennis, we were told you can't be world class coming from Scotland, a small country”.

"Andy and Jamie and the Murray team have proven that that's not the case and you can be the best players in the world or best coaches in the world. That inspiration is something that we want to capture and really develop over the next few years for Scottish tennis."

Dodds also added that Tennis Scotland plans are more ambitious than before. "We've had the biggest capital investment we've ever had in our history," he explained. "We expect to have a very, very positive deal in form of a new investment from the LTA on the back of our plans, in partnership with Sportscotland for Scottish tennis over the next few years."