Donna Vekic: I have actually achieved my pre-season goals

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Donna Vekic: I have actually achieved my pre-season goals

Donna Vekic’s 2019 season has been full of highs with the Croat qualifying for the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai. Breaking into the Top-20, a first major Grand Slam quarterfinal, Vekic achieved one of her goals of 2019 – qualifying for the WTA Elite Trophy.

“It’s the first time in a while that I actually achieved my pre-season goals. “I used to set them pretty high and maybe they weren’t very realistic, but I felt like this one was I could earn”.

She further added, “Normally I’ve had terrible starts to the year, even if I had a good off-season! This was the first time I actually had a good start to the year, but I also had some confidence left over from good wins I had at the end of the year before.

That really helped me start the year well”. Speaking a bit about her 2019 season and some other results, she said, “I’ve always been a fighter and a competitor. I won some crazy matches this year, saving match points.

In those moments when I was losing, I really believed I could turn these matches around. Until the last point, I believed I could still win. That might have been the biggest difference, because where I was still fighting, I didn’t always believe I could actually win”.

She credits her coach - Torben Beltz for all the improvements she has had this season. "We did really good scheduling throughout the year. When I was tired, we took a break. We did a lot of good training blocs, which is really important and something I didn’t do after New York.

But hey, we learn from our mistakes, right?” “I think my game is smarter, so making better choices allows me to go bigger. It comes more naturally. What we’ve been trying to do is also come into the net a lot.

We agreed to work a lot on this during the off season, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of that next year."