Steffi Graf speaks about Ash Barty and Coco Gauff

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Steffi Graf speaks about Ash Barty and Coco Gauff

WTA Elite Trophy Tournament Ambassador Steffi Graf recently spoke about how she has been impressed with World No.1 Ash Barty and her rapid rise to World No.1. "Ashleigh Barty, she did so well here last year and to have seen her pull her last year and a half together the way she has has been a whole lot of fun," Graf told reporters in Zhuhai.

Speaking about how the overall 2019 season has panned out, the German commented, “Well it's obviously different periods in the evolution of the sport, in the different times," Graf said. "There's been times we had a lot of rivalries and then there are times when you don't”.

"I think the fun thing has been that it's been keeping it interesting. A lot of players that play on the high level maybe sometimes struggle to keep it up all year long, but they're always capable. And seeing especially the younger girls now being less afraid and going out there and going for it, I just think it's become a lot closer, the level”.

"I think that's what makes it interesting, that you do not always know." She then spoke about rising young gun Coco Gauff and any advice she wished to offer. “It doesn't seem like she needs a whole lot of advice," Graf said.

"I mean just watching, talk about somebody that's enjoying herself out there. You can see her intensity and incredible athleticism”. "It's going to be incredible to follow her the next few years. She's got such an effortless style and such raw talent. So I don't think she needs any advice, the way I'm thinking."