Storm Sanders: I’m putting no pressure on myself

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Storm Sanders: I’m putting no pressure on myself

Storm Sanders recently reached the main draw of the Bendigo International, in her first professional match in nearly two years. “It’s nice to come out and enjoy it again, play two good matches, and swing freely.

I’m putting no pressure on myself. Winning is definitely a bonus though,” she said. Yet to break into the Top-200 in singles, Sanders played her last competitive match at the same venue 2 years ago. “I started getting some shoulder pain which got more intense,” she said.

“I played the Aussie Open that year just focusing on doubles, but after that I stopped played completely and was basically out for all of 2018”. “I didn’t hit a ball for about nine months. I was in day-to-day pain for a while but it began feeling better eventually, so I started practising and then playing doubles again in February this year”.

Ranked as high as No.64 on the Doubles Chart, Sanders worked her way around doubles first. “I’ve been practising on the singles court during the year as well though, with a goal of playing Bendigo. So, everything is going well”.

“I want to try my singles out again. It’s been a long time but I’m feeling fit and healthy, hitting the ball well. I think I can go further than I did when I was playing last and I feel like I have unfinished business”.

She is further looking forward to her journey beyond the court. “I finished my psychology degree, did a lot of different things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, so I feel like I grew as a player by not playing”.