Steffi Graf speaks about Kim Clijsters return to tennis

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Steffi Graf speaks about Kim Clijsters return to tennis

Kim Clijsters is set to return to the WTA Tour next season after a seven-year absence and Steffi Graff recently addressed the issue, saying that it will be difficult for the Belgian to stage a comeback. Well I think that it will be fun to see," Graf said.

"I don't know. But I think for her to make the decision that she wants to come back she must believe that [she can compete]”. "I mean obviously I don't know what her goal is, but I think if you've been at the top the way she has been...

and she has come back once before, so she knows what it takes. I would assume that she believes that she is capable of it and it will be fun for all of us to watch and see how she will be able to compete”. "Being a few years away from the sport, it's very difficult, and she's got family and kids, but we see it out there happening a few times now.

"So it will be a big challenge, but she seems like she's looking forward to it." The WTA have said that Clijsters will be eligible for unlimited wildcards at tournaments as a former world No.1. She, however does need to play three tournaments or earn 10 ranking points to re-establish a WTA ranking.

Announcing her return earlier this year, Clijsters said: "The love for the sport is obviously still there. But the question still is, am I capable of bringing it to a level where I would like it to be at and where I want it to be at before I want to play at a high level of one of the best women's sports in the world."