YBN Cordae speaks about love story with Naomi Osaka

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YBN Cordae speaks about love story with Naomi Osaka

In an interview to TMZ YBN Cordae spoke about how he helps Naomi Osaka staying 100 percent focused and committed to tennis. Cordae said: “I let her do her thing. Just show love, motivate. But she know what she doing”.

Meawhile Bianca Andreescu, who beat Osaka some weeks ago in Beijing, spoke about an emotional message she received from a fan on Instagram: “The best thing about what I do is this. Someone on the plane wrote a very nice msg [sic] on a napkin and gave it to me.

It brought tears to my eyes because sometimes I don’t understand the impact that I’ve made, and continue to make in ppls [sic] lives accomplishing what I accomplished. “I’ve always wanted to do good in this world somehow and have a positive impact on ppls [sic] lives.

This isn’t where it ends tho [sic], I want to continue to do so in much bigger ways. I’m beyond grateful." Andrey Rublev spoke about his compatriots Karen Khachanov and Daniil Medvedev's successes: "I am happy for them.

In general, i do not look at them because for me it's not about coming from Russia or another country. There are also many other same aged players from other countries that are better than me or at least as good as them.

It's not about us Russians, I do not think about it at all. I focus on myself to get the best from it. We will see what happens." He added: "I learned some things during my break from injury. I changed. If you do not play for three months, it's difficult.

You see some things from a different perspective. In some ways, this injury was good. From then I was much more consistent mentally."