Judy Murray: Seeing Andy suffer has broken my heart

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Judy Murray: Seeing Andy suffer has broken my heart

Judy Murray has been all praises for her son – Andy Murray following his first title after his surgery. Murray took out Stan Wawrinka to win the European Open in Antwerp. “If he is well, Andy is capable of anything,” she told Italian paper Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“In a few days Andy and Kim’s third child should arrive. We’ll all go to London, great-grandmother included, to celebrate all the events at once. After all, it’s also a rebirth for Andy”. She further said that Andy can now look forward to a future pain free.

“How did I celebrate? I opened a bottle of champagne and toasted his health in front of the TV,” she said. “Then I sent him a voice message to tell him how happy and proud I was of him. I told him that this trophy is worth a lot.

Because it’s a victory of perseverance and resilience”. “Now he’s fine, he has a wonderful family, he can look to the future without fear and pain at last. But he is such a warrior on court that I knew he would not give up”.

Commenting on his recovery, Judy stated, “Seeing him suffer has broken my heart. The victory on the court is really a great joy but the greatest triumph was seeing him play without pain and walk without needing crutches”.

“There were times when he couldn’t even put on his socks and tie his shoes. Playing tennis was the least of his problems”.