Belinda Bencic reveals crazy reaction to WTA Finals qualification

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Belinda Bencic reveals crazy reaction to WTA Finals qualification

Belinda Bencic reacted to her reaching the WTA Finals in Shenzhen in a hilarious way as you can see in the video below. The Swiss player, speaking to reporters on Saturday, said: "I also saw the video. They showed me after.

I think it's the most excited I've ever been for a match celebration.No, I mean, it's just my real feelings. I was just so relieved, like, the moment I converted the match point and realized I made it to here last minute possible.

Yeah, at some point it has become a big goal for me. Just super relieved. I tried to qualify in China and Linz. It didn't go well. Then I kind of stopped believing in it. I thought I would be in Zhuhai. I just took my last chance in Moscow.

Somehow it paid off. I'm super happy. I think Kuznetsova was my idol on this." Asked when she thought that reaching Shenzhen was a real possibility, Bencic replied: "Kind of when I started doing well, so like from Dubai on.

Then I played Indian Wells semifinal, Madrid semifinal. I saw myself always in the top eight of the race. I was like, Oh, it would be nice if I could keep this up until the end of the season. Then finally after US Open I kind of thought, Okay, there's real chances of making it.

I've been since Dubai like in the top eight of the race all the time. I kind of aimed for that. I think after US Open I started to get a little bit tight."