Kristina Mladenovic slams former coach Sascha Bajin

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Kristina Mladenovic slams former coach Sascha Bajin

Kristina Mladenovic spoke about her split from coach Sascha Bajin. The French was surprised by Bajin's decision. "About what happened, it was very not a nice way from him to finish with me. It was absolutely unexpected.

So, yeah, as I mentioned in my announcement, I was very surprised and disappointed about the situation. But now I moved on. I'm just focused on myself. I'm happy where I am at the moment. I will think about the future when the time comes.

But right now I'm here and I'm enjoying my time with my best friend and my partner, the whole team that is around me: her team, my team, my family... That's all about it. I think the most important people always stay around you", said Mladenovic.

Timea Babos feels confident she and Mladenovic can go far in Shenzhen. The Hungarian said: "It's very different than what we're used to for an indoor tournament. The ball is bouncing a little bit higher. I mean, it's actually our better surface, if we can say that.

We really enjoy playing out there. It's our last tournament together, of course, for the year. You just try to adjust. We really did for the last couple days. Kiki was the first one here. I think she really knows well every single court or what's happening around here. Yeah, I think we prepared well. We just cannot wait to get out there tomorrow."