Naomi Osaka jokes: 'My father doesn't give me any tactics! I was so mad'

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Naomi Osaka jokes: 'My father doesn't give me any tactics! I was so mad'

Naomi Osaka has not lost a match since she played the US Open although she withdrew from the WTA Finals in Shenzhen after playing just one match. The Japanese player is working with her dad who is helping her a lot. "He's so annoying.

Oh, my God", Osaka said smiling. "Do you hear his on-court coaching? I can't believe it. He runs up to the bench talking about, Be calm. That's it. He doesn't give me any tactics. I can't believe this. I was so mad (laughter).

But, yeah, definitely I don't think my dad likes watching me play live. Normally everyone knows he sort of just walks around and gets sneak glimpses at the TV monitor. Yeah, for me, he kind of lets me do my own thing, which I like.

Also I feel like I need structure a little bit because if I do my own thing for too long, I don't know, I feel like I need guidance or advice from someone, you know?" "Everyone that knows me knows, like, I feel like it's two separate personalities.

Like I'm either really calm to the point where I don't care about anything, or I'm very frazzled quite easily and I invest all of my emotions. It's just kind of navigating that and, like, trying to figure out how to be the calm person all the time on the court, which is really hard because, I don't know, I invest a lot of time in tennis so I feel like it's the one thing that I'm very emotional about.

So yeah..." On the sing off the made on Instagram, Osaka added: "Practicing singing for a reason is because we're supposed to do, like me and somehow I have a group of friends now, I don't know how that happened, but we're supposed to have this group sing-off at the end of the year during off-season.

Three people can sing very well, then me and this other person, we're pretty bad. We're trying to catch up. That's pretty much the end of the story."