Daniil Medvedev: 'I am trying to earn as much money as possible'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'I am trying to earn as much money as possible'

Daniil Medvedev earned almost $7 million prize money so far this year. The US Open finalist spoke about how important he thinks money is for him. Medvedev said: "If an athlete earns a lot of money, what he is doing is the result of the demands by the fans, press and television.

Another question is if that's true. Football players earn a lot because many people watch football. But it's not up to the player to decide how much he will earn. And of course, he will not say, Three millions are too much, I will take one, I am enough of it.

The same thing is for tennis. I am doing everything to earn as much as possible but I do not decide the prize money." Medvedev thinks there is a lot of professionalism around him: "I have a big team of specialists and it's difficult to get something if you do not trust them.

They are close people both in my job and life. Getting along well with them is important. For example, I have a person who analyzes my physical performances, gives me a diet and tells me when I should go sleeping. In China, he told me at what time I should go to bed in order to avoid a jet lag difference.

He also told me that sugar influences my recovery. That's why I do not take it during the tournament, even if I like cakes and after the final I ate them." Medvedev will open his campaign in Paris against Jeremy Chardy or Sam Querrey.