Medvedev: 'In New York I had to wear a hoodie all the time by streets'

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Medvedev: 'In New York I had to wear a hoodie all the time by streets'

Daniil Medvedev admitted his popularity has changed a lot since he got an enormous success during the North American hard-court swing. The Russian said: "Yes, more people recognize me in Russia and Europe and New York.

I think in New York I had to wear a hoodie all the time. Otherwise, everybody would see me and recognize me. That's actually because I have worked so much. I have to live with it. That's part and parcel of my achievements and this is what I'm doing."

"I said in Shanghai, I was asked, Am I unbeatable? And I said, Well, I lost three matches, so for sure I am not unbeatable. It's not that I'm afraid but rather I don't want it to stop. I want to work as hard as I can to make sure that this momentum doesn't stop.

It has worked well so far, and I hope to continue. But we never know. I'll focus on the first round, and then we'll see how it goes for the rest of the tournament." Medvedev finally spoke about if he realizes his success: "Of course I enjoy it.

I feel good, but I don't really realize. My first goal is still the same; namely, to be better every day with each training, each tournament, to win tournaments. It's been working well so far. It's a source of real pleasure.

But I wanted not to stop, and it's not easy. I have Bercy now ahead of me and I hope to play well. I didn't know I would achieve so many results. I was very tired with six finals in a row. I wanted to play Moscow and Vienna.

I heard very good things in Vienna. And of course Shanghai, I felt I couldn't play at a competitive level anymore, but I had to. I had to play 100%. This is why I need more time to cool off and to make sure that I'm at the level for the last tournaments of the season."