Daniil Medvedev reveals the funny things players tell him

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Daniil Medvedev reveals the funny things players tell him

Daniil Medvedev was asked if players now look at him in a different way since he brokethrough on Tour. The Moscow native said: "Not really because life on the tour is quite specific. The only thing that has changed is that before I would win a tournament every four months.

Every time you win a tournament, a Masters 1000, everybody congratulates you. Now a lot of people are laughing and saying, Okay, we're not going to congratulate you anymore because, otherwise, we'll have to do that every week, and it's just tiresome.

Just jokes like this, but nothing much has changed." On how he deals with the crowd, Medvedev added: "I try to be myself. And as I said in New York -- I was talking a lot, of course. But I was out and I was still myself, and everything that happened afterwards was the same.

I wanted to apologize and try to erase my mistake, but I still wanted to be true to my personality. Everything I said, I was honest and the truth. And if the public loves me as I am, all the better. If they hate me because of this, then I'm sorry, but I cannot do something that is untrue to my personality to be loved by the crowd.

I hope to be a good model and not to make mistakes there. I like to be cheered by the crowd, but I still like to be myself."