Supporting Monfils, going to Ukraine, holidays: Svitolina on her off-season

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Supporting Monfils, going to Ukraine, holidays: Svitolina on her off-season

Elina Svitolina spoke on a column for Metro about her relationship with the Frenchman Gael Monfils. The Ukrainian player wrote: "My boyfriend and ATP tennis player Gael Monfils still has a few weeks left of his season and he is still hoping to reach the season-ending ATP Finals in London – the men’s equivalent of the event I’ll be competing in this week.

He will also be heading to Madrid for the Davis Cup finals so I will be there to support him out there. I’ll also take some time for myself and will head to Ukraine to see my family as well as host an auction for my charity, the Elina Svitolina Foundation, in Kiev in November.

Then in about a month’s time I will probably head out to Dubai to step up my pre-season preparations, building up my fitness and, of course, trying to work on my game." Asked what between being the WTA Finals champion or reaching two Grand Slams makes her the proudest, Svitolina replied: "Definitely the Grand Slams semifinals has been something special.

But obviously not satisfied with the results. I wish I could play better on the slams. But, you know, it's small positive steps that I made this year, played better the slams. There is not much difference between. I think the court looks pretty much the same.

It's very similar. Little bit different, I would say, the ball bounce. But the court itself, the stadium looks the same. It's very different. I wouldn't even compare Singapore event to here. But the organization is perfect for every single player here.

Everything is very, very comfortable, feels very good. Very special obviously to be in the last eight elite players. That's amazing."