Kiki Bertens speaks about her upcoming wedding

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Kiki Bertens speaks about her upcoming wedding

In a press conference at the Shenzhen's WTA Finals Kiki Bertens spoke about what are her immediate plans following her retirement in the year-end championship. Bertens said: "First, doing nothing for a few days. I think I can really use that.

Spend some time with my fiancé before we're getting married. I'm really looking forward to having a great time at home, as well." Asked how difficult it will be her to have a wedding after competing for eight weeks in a row, Bertens added: "It's going to be challenging with the dress fitting and stuff like that.

But they promised everything is going to work out well. If they have to workday and night for it, they will do it. I have some great planners back at home. My family did a lot. I think everything is going to be fine. We're just looking forward to a great day with our family and friends."

Reassessing her 2019 season, Bertens concluded: "I've learned so much again this year about myself. My confidence grew a lot I would say after the last year. I'm really proud I'm still in the top 10, which was a goal in the beginning of the season.

I knew it was going to be really tough. But I'm still here, so really proud of that. Yeah, we just rest now and work hard again to make hopefully next year even better."