Ash Barty Coach heaps praises for the Australian

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Ash Barty Coach heaps praises for the Australian

Ashleigh Barty’s coach Craig Tyzzer recently spoke about Barty, admiring her as person and the characteristics she has. Tyzzer has been with Barty since the she decided three and a half years ago to return to tennis following a stint playing professional cricket with Brisbane Heat.

“A lot of people talk about her talent and her tennis but talent only gets you so far and it’s really her character that has taken her to where she is right now,” Tyzzer told AAP in Shenzhen. “I’m lucky enough on a daily basis to see what sort of person she is and she’s a much better person than she is a tennis player.

So, for me, that’s been the key”. Barty admitted that she too has grown off court as well, saying, “That’s the beauty of life, the beauty of the journey that we’re on – every day you can try and improve yourself,” Barty said.

“That’s probably, tennis aside, the biggest part of my development over the last two or three years. I feel like I’ve become a better person”. “I feel like I’m learning every single day, I’m learning from every experience.

That has nothing to do with tennis, or with tennis matches, tennis experiences or anything like that. That’s purely from a personal point of view. It’s been a massive development for me. It’s come from the people that are around me, the people that surround me, that drive, encourage me every single day to try to be the best version of myself that I can”.