Doping at a top level doesn't exist in tennis, says Dominic Thiem

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Doping at a top level doesn't exist in tennis, says Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem believes that doping doesn't really exist in tennis. Speaking to Socrates, the world No. 5 said: "Some years ago there was a case involving Maria Sharapova. But tennis is clean. I would put my hand in fire for all the best players I know.

We get tested pretty often. And if someone took something, they would not play better." Asked on how different his training method with his new coach Nicolas Massu is compared to the one with his longtime trainer Gunter Bresnik, Thiem replied: "They are very different.

Austria and South America are two different cultures. Nicolas is positive, has a lot of energy and he is young, which makes some things easier. It's very important that he is a former player and can give me advices. After all, he won two golden Olympic medals."

On how it felt to split with Bresnik, Thiem added: "It was very difficult because we had a special relationship. I thought about it for some weeks but it was not easy. But at the end of the day a rupture between a coach and a player is the most normal thing you have.

It usually happens in sports." In an ideal world, Thiem would like to make some changes on the tennis calendar: "It's pretty packed, the date of the Davis Cup Finals is not good. December is the only month where you can really train seriously." Thiem has been dating the French player Kristina Mladenovic for around two years now.