Petra Kvitova reveals her hidden talent

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Petra Kvitova reveals her hidden talent

Petra Kvitova spoke to MyTennis about her hidden talent: soccer skills. "I have been having a lot of practices, we have been playing this keep it up for two years already. It was very new. I always have laughs and it's so much fun for us so it's making us in a great mood."

Analyzing her WTA Finals run in Shenzhen, failing to reach semifinals, Kvitova said: " I had those two long matches, which wasn't really easy. When I lost, it's mentally tough, as well. When I'm not really 100%, it's really tough to play No.

1. Yeah, I had my chances definitely. I don't think it was that bad, but those small things I really missed today, she was there and she hit it much better. Yeah, of course I'm disappointing that I didn't win a match here.

I played great one against Naomi. But, yeah, that's it. Just need to finish it, be done with it, look forward." Asked what she is most looking forward to do during the off-season, Kvitova concluded: "Not a thing about the tennis at all, for sure.

That's what I going to start from tomorrow. No, I need to visit my family, for sure, just take some time off. I think it will be around two or three weeks, which I would like to, and which I think it will be like. Yeah, I mean, we are not playing Fed Cup final, which is one week extra.

I need to work again for the next season. I'm sitting here talking about the next season already, which is weird. Yeah, I really need to just take time off from tennis and not think too much about it."