Andreas Mies speaks on his partnership with Kevin Krawietz


Andreas Mies speaks on his partnership with Kevin Krawietz

German doubles specialist Andreas Mies reveals he and his partner Kevin Krawietz are "two different characters" but still they have found a way to be extremely successful together on the court. Mies, 29, and 27-year-old Krawietz drew big attention to themselves earlier this season, when they went all the way at the French Open to lift their maiden Grand Slam glory.

Mies and Krawietz also claimed titles in New York and Antwerp, the Challenger events in Marbella and Heilbronn, while they made the semifinals at the US Open and Paris Masters. The Germans will now he aiming to win it all at the Nitto Atp Finals and finish their breakthrough season with another huge result.

"It’s not normal that you play with a guy and you start winning right away. You have to find a way and you have to find the right chemistry to feel comfortable on the court. We’re different players, we’re different characters, but it just clicks,” Mies told the Nitto ATP Finals.

“Kevin is a more relaxed guy, a little bit calmer, and I’m a more emotional and emotional player. It’s a little bit like fire and ice. It just really helps me when I’m bit too emotional – he calms me down.

When it’s close, he’s always very relaxed, and that helps me to relax. When he’s a bit too relaxed, and he’s a bit low with the energy, I can push him up."

Kevin Krawietz