Marin Cilic out of Davis Cup Finals, speaks on his health issues

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Marin Cilic out of Davis Cup Finals, speaks on his health issues

2018 Davis Cup champion Marin Cilic has avoided a knee surgery at least for now but still he won't be able to represent Croatia at the inaugural Davis Cup Finals in Madrid from November 18-24. The Croatian Davis Cup team's chances of making it all the way in Madrid have taken a huge hit as former world No.

3 Cilic was the key in their trips to the Davis Cup finals in 2016 and 2018. "With the 2019 season finished, I wanted to share an update with you all," world No. 39 Cilic said in an Instagram post. "The last year and a half has been a real struggle mentally and physically for me.

Even with all the preventative work and rehab my team and I did, my recurring knee injury has continued to give me problems, and as the season progressed it was becoming more evident that surgery was inevitable. "I recently did an ultrasound and luckily the results were better than expected.

The rehab work was successful enough that surgery is not necessary at this stage, however, I will need to undergo a few minor interventions which will keep me off the tennis court for a longer period and unfortunately means I will not be able to compete at the Davis Cup this month.

"I am extremely disappointed by this, but I believe in my teammates and will be their most devoted fan." For the first time since 2007, 18-time champion Marin Cilic finishes the season without a title captured in it.

"In the meantime, I will dedicate myself to getting back to form so that I can enter the 2020 season healthier, more prepared, and more motivated than ever," Cilic added.