Thiem: 'Not watching FC Chelsea match live was a mistake'

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Thiem: 'Not watching FC Chelsea match live was a mistake'

Dominic Thiem spoke to The Times about his passion for football. The Austrian player said: “I will for ever be with Chelsea. You never leave a football club once you choose it. It is nice actually this season because [Frank] Lampard was one of the reasons why I became a Chelsea fan 14 or 15 years ago.

Now he has become a coach and is building up all these young players." Thiem wished he would have watched FC Chelsea match live earlier in the week against Ajax in Champions League: "It was so silly. I thought on Wednesday when I came, why didn't I fly on Tuesday.

It was a mistake. But I watched it on TV." Daniil Medvedev spoke about his expectations ahead of the ATP Finals: "I’m still confident about my game. Paris was not the result I wanted but it happens, it’s tennis.

Jeremy played a great match, I had my opportunities and didn’t use them. Every match you play you can lose or win there’s no draw like in other sports. If I manage to be in great shape on Monday I have the chances to win if I play good, that’s what I’m going to try to do."

Speaking ahead of the ATP Finals, Roger Federer said: "Indoors is more of a nostalgic thing for me. It’s where I had my first success on the tour, where I made my first points, whether it was satellite level, challenger or tour level. This is how I got up the rankings, through the indoors…feels like I come home in some ways."