Fabio Fognini: 'Me and wife Flavia Pennetta will become parents again'

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Fabio Fognini: 'Me and wife Flavia Pennetta will become parents again'

In an interview to Italian TV channel Canale 5 Fabio Fognini spoke about his upcoming fatherhood. "We (me and wife Flavia Pennetta) are expecting a daughter", said Fognini. "We have not decided the name yet but it will definitely start with F.

It's mandatory otherwise my father gets angry. Hopefully everything goes well, that's the most important thing." They first became parents in May 2017 of a kid called Federico. On not ending the year as a top ten player, Fognini added: "I was sad.

I deserved to enter there and I deserved to leave it. I did wrong in some tournaments where I should have not. But Matteo Berrettini is now a top ten player and there are many Italians on the top 100, which is an amazing thing."

Fognini will play the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid, Spain. Meanwhile Grigor Dimitrov spoke about his injuries: "I do not manage to find the right words, the year started in a very strange way. For the first time I was injured, I never stayed home for four or five weeks.

It was very sad but I kept Believing in myself and in what I was doing. There were times where I thought I could not recover. I asked myself many questions, if I could serve at 200km/h again. Before the US Open I was hitting 110km/h serves in training.

Then the situation has changed. For me the opening matches were important, like the fight against Andreas Seppi in New York."