Jannik Sinner not planning to spend his Next Gen Finals prize money

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Jannik Sinner not planning to spend his Next Gen Finals prize money

Jannik Sinner doesn't plan to spend his $372,000 Next Gen ATP Finals prize money anytime soon. The Italian player was asked if he plans to spend some of this money after his stellar week in Milan. "No," replied Sinner smiling.

On his success, the 18-year-old added: "I think I'm surprised because it's been an unbelievable week. All the players are unbelievable players. If not, they are not here. I think I was the last one. You know, I was No.

8 seed. So I tried to have my chances, and of course today I'm very happy about my game." On how he is dealing with expectations, Sinner added: "It's something different, you know, because I never had, first of all, this kind of support, even on the court.

Off the court, you know, making some media, I'm still young, so now it's okay. I don't know if Roger or Rafa or whatever are still enjoying this kind of things, I don't know, but, you know, I'm young and I'm enjoying it."

What is he most satisfied with? "I think I played game-after-game better, you know. I think that's the point and that's the thing we were looking for. I played well (in) the first match. Yesterday I started not perfect, but then after, it was a great match.

Even today I started very well, and I think the first game was very important, you know. I was 30-40 and I served well twice. I'm very happy about that."