Father shares how dating Kristina Mladenovic helps Dominic Thiem

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Father shares how dating Kristina Mladenovic helps Dominic Thiem

In an interview to Tennis World USA Wolfgang Thiem shared how his son Dominic can benefit from dating the fellow French player Kristina Mladenovic. "Being a girlfriend and tennis player in the same time makes things easier because she knows and respects what Dominic is doing", said Wolfgang.

"The normal people do not have any experience in what it takes to be a professional player, the whole travelling. They do not spend too much time together, though, even if there are combined tournaments so they can catch up together."

Wolfgang also said Mladenovic is unlikely to get to London to support Dominic at the ATP Finals: "She has a lot of duties with the France's Fed Cup team in Paris. They are celebrating the title. Very happy for her."

The families of Thiem and Rafael Nadal are close each other. They respect and appreciate a lot as confirmed by Thiem's father Wolfgang who said: "Rafa has a very good relationship with Dominic. They try to practice as much as they can.

They are clay-court players even if Dominic also won hard-court tournaments. Rafa is absolutely normal and humble despite all his success." Asked if he learns as a coach looking at Federer, Nadal and Djokovic training, Wolfgang replied: "Of course.

Federer evolved a lot since when he started playing on the professional tour. He is totally different. When you are in tournaments you watch the training sessions and the matches because it's always interesting to see how they compete and find ways in different situations, how they prepare. I can do it for hours."