'Tomljanovic is a deep woman, she makes Berrettini a better person' - Coach

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'Tomljanovic is a deep woman, she makes Berrettini a better person' - Coach

In an interview, as quoted by Corriere, Matteo Berrettini's coach Vincenzo Santopadre spoke about how it feels to compete at the ATP Finals in London for the first time. Santopadre said: "None of us, at the beginning of the season, thought about the ATP Finals as we had lost three of the first four matches.

We came to learn, like at school. With Roger, Matteo knows he needs to be ready for all the situations, he will have to be patient and humble to go through difficulties. He doesn't give you time. It will be important not to give him angles.

The serve will be the key. He will have to put more first serves in than he did against Novak Djokovic. More variety and calmness. Matteo grew a lot since he faced Federer for the first time and he learned from the lesson."

Santopadre also recalled the first time he noticed Berrettini: "11 years ago I saw this kid in Rome. He was tall but not too much. Good but not too much. He was not that attractive and he was just one of the many."

On the romantic relationship between Berrettini and Alja Tomljanovic, Santopadre concluded: "She is a deep woman and thanks to her and with her, he is trying to become a better person." Berrettini has lost two of his three round-robin matches at the ATP Finals.

He lost the first round-robin match on Sunday to Novak Djokovic in straight sets. On Tuesday, he lost his second match to Roger Federer, again in straight sets. On Thursday, he will play Dominic Thiem in the last round-robin match.