I am not really sure about Kim Clijsters winning a Major again, says Bajin

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I am not really sure about Kim Clijsters winning a Major again, says Bajin

In an interview as quoted by WTA Naomi Osaka's former coach Sascha Bajin spoke about Kim Clijsters's attempt to come back on Tour in 2020. Bajin, who also worked with Serena Williams as a hitting partner and Kristina Mladenovic as a coach recently, said: "I mean, I think I want to say yes she can win another Slam but at the same time I’m really not sure.

You have to compete for two weeks on the highest level," said Bajin. "It’s not going be easy but I believe if she’s coming back she can have great success. If it’s enough for winning only time will tell.

Lots of things have to come together for that." Sven Groeneveld added: "I expect that Kim will bring an energy and competitiveness that will be hard to match by anybody. I expect she will be ready to rise to the occasion when faced with adversity.

Her biggest challenge will be to start competing again for a duration of a match and a full tournament. There is no substitute for real competition and the body and game will adapt gradually. I am not sure if she will win another Grand Slam but by her making the decision of playing she will always have a chance because she knows what it takes and knows how to repeat.

This is only learned through experience and she has a lot of it. Since Kim was so well respected when she played before I can not think of any player having doubts about her intentions to compete. I can only imagine players are respecting her decision."