Massu's results with Dominic Thiem are a boost for team -Chile's head coach

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Massu's results with Dominic Thiem are a boost for team -Chile's head coach

In an interview with AS Chile, Patricio Cornejo, Head Coach of the Chilean Davis Cup team, spoke about the good situation the national team is in with the likes of Nicolas Jarry and Christian Garin. Cornejo said: "It's very good what's happening.

They are all young, they have time to keep improving and growing, we will have good results not just on the tour but as a team too, for their youth, experience in facing the biggest players. There are two or three players who are not easy to beat."

On how it feels to play the Davis Cup having a new format, Cornejo added: "I miss the previous one because I played with this format for 16 years. We faced a big amount of countries. Now you need to wait for it to happen to see if it was good or not.

We miss playing in Chile." Massu is still at the ATP Finals in London coaching Dominic Thiem who has reached the semifinals. "Nicolas is doing very well because he is leading a very good team that is triumphing. Triumphing with a player like Thiem gives more confidence and calmness to the team when they are on-court and they listen more at their suggestions because if you coach a higher ranked player, that's a bigger value", concluded Cornejo.

Analyzing his win over Novak Djokovic, Thiem said: "I didn't hit everything full power, because otherwise, it's way too risky. But I really found a great balance today from being solid from playing also slice from time to time, from coming into the net.

But then also to win points against him, to win important points against him, I had to come up with some special shots, with shots he didn't expect like backhand down the line or forehand down the line. Most of these shots, while I was trying to surprise him, worked out today."