Andy Murray: I think I can get back

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Andy Murray: I think I can get back

Andy Murray is upbeat about the 2020 season and feels he can get back towards the top if he just stays fit. "I think that I can (get back)," he said. "I think my body showed I'm going to be able to do that, to play at a high level”.

"I would want to be healthy, that's what I'd want, and I think over the last six months or so - definitely six to nine - you realise what really is important. I can remember why I started playing tennis in the first place and what the reasons for that were.

I played tennis as a kid and through my professional career and I did it because I really loved playing”. "Being healthy allows me to do that. And it's nice to be able to win big competitions and have a high ranking and stuff.

That's great, but actually the reason why I'm playing is because I love it and I need to remember that, if I'm 30 in the world or 70 in the world”. He further added, "If I'm still enjoying it and still enjoying the preparations and training and all of that stuff, and I feel competitive, then that would be success for me, but I need to remember that.

It's sometimes difficult when you start playing, competing and losing matches. You really want to do better. But that would be success, if I could stay healthy and on the court”. Emphasizing on the importance of choosing tournaments wisely, Murray added, "That's where I need to be smart with my scheduling and the amount of tournaments that I play and, at the beginning of the year, being reactive," he added.

"If I plan at the beginning of the year to be playing three tournaments, let's say in the first couple of months of the year, but I only win one match in each of those tournaments, then I could add a tournament”.

"But if I end up doing really well maybe I play a tournament less which, in the past, I wouldn't have done. I'm not going to be looking at my schedule and my tournament year anymore. I'm going to do it very differently."