Daniil Medvedev: 'When I was young I was completely crazy'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'When I was young I was completely crazy'

Daniil Medvedev spoke about his controversial behaviour on the court. The Moscow native said: "When I was young I was completely crazy on the court. I couldn't let myself miss one ball. I would throw the racquet over the fence straightaway.

I have been working a lot on it. I have progressed a lot but still not enough. And so, yeah, talking about thumbs up, it's just -- it's just emotions. I would say it's kind of the same -- if I would break the racquet it would be same emotions.

It's anger, which is not good that it's coming towards my team, because they try to help me, which I understand here after the match, but on the court it's tougher with emotions going. Yeah, so I'm not sure I really answered your question, but it's not easy for me on the court."

On his work ethic, Medvedev added: "We are trying to do the same thing, trying to practice as hard as I can, to work physically to be 100% fit. Yeah, it's always a question with my team for next years to come. We always try to analyze after the end of the year, okay, what parts of the season we could have done better, what could we do better, so maybe it's actually next year, if I'm here, luckily, then are we going to say, okay, we need to practice a bit less because last year was too much? Or are we going to say the opposite? We're going to say, okay, it's the end of the season, we have to push even more? That's a question we have to do for the next year.

Talking about right now, no, no, I do the same routine, practice a lot, do a lot of physical preparation. I have to say I don't really have any problems physically, so it's more mental and tennis what happens here."