Dominic Thiem winning Grand Slams is just a matter of time, says Muster

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Dominic Thiem winning Grand Slams is just a matter of time, says Muster

The former world No. 1 Thomas Muster confirmed he is in talks with Dominic Thiem to join his team next year. ""Nothing is fixed, there is no yes or no. It is more about defining what role I could play and for how many weeks", said Muster who also thinks that Thiem becoming world No.

1 and winning Grand Slam titles is just a matter of time. Muster feels excited to be Germany's captain at the ATP Cup: "I'm Austrian. I do live in Austria, but I do have a background in Australia, that's true.

I have lived there on and off for 20 years. No, I think the cities that have been chosen to host the events and the groups are great cities. Australia has a natural interest in sport. It doesn't matter whether it's cricket or rugby, tennis, any kind of sport, swimming.

So they've got a big passion for sports. That's why I said the timing is perfect, because the players are coming out of the winter break. They have actually, you know, practiced a lot on their game and different things.

It's a first sort of, you know, under the captain that we probably don't have to deal with the players and deal with them all year long, but obviously their coaches are there. So it's a good environment for the teams to get back, grounded for the new season.

You have a few matches that you can play before the Australian Open. It will show us maybe a little bit of the strengths that players, you know, got over the winter period. Some of them have been injured maybe, and they are coming back.

They will be very interesting matches. I'm in Sydney. Obviously, our group is playing Sydney. Looking forward to that. As well, I'm honored to be chosen by our No. 1 player, Dominic Thiem, to be the captain."