Tsitsipas: 'At the US Open I understood there is life beyond tennis'

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Tsitsipas: 'At the US Open I understood there is life beyond tennis'

Speaking to the Greek press Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke about his US Open first round loss to Andrey Rublev dated back to late August. The Athens native believes it made him have a new life perspective: "The New York loss helped me understand some things", said Tsitsipas.

"I do not want to speak too much about it because it's a personal matter but it made me mature a lot. The people who support me have a very good aura and it brought me to find balance. Now I realized that besides tennis there is also a very nice life that you can enjoy.

And tennis, of course, helps you have a career and dream every day. This combination made me understand some things, that there is life beyond tennis." "I never tried to change anything. I was calm from the beginning and it is my biggest weapon.

My opponent expects me to be nervous at some point but I was always calm, closed within myself and trying to find solutions that make me have new opportunities. Noe I feel well on court and it helps me." Meanwhile Matteo Berrettini, after his win over Dominic Thiem, admitted he is not feeling great: "For sure I'm tired after a long season like this, but it's not just that.

I played a lot of matches on grass, on clay, on hard courts. It's tough. It's my second year on the tour. So you have to get used to it. You have to -- I think next year is going to be better, because, you know, I'm learning a lot.

Yeah, I have some parts of my body that are not feeling great, but that's the life of an athlete. So nothing. I'm just working to be better."