Medvedev: 'Experience is the key. I realized it after losing to Nadal'

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Medvedev: 'Experience is the key. I realized it after losing to Nadal'

Daniil Medvedev spoke about how playing the ATP Finals in London for the first time felt like. The Russian player said: "A tough one, but I always said that for me actually experience of something new is the key, and it was my first time in ATP Finals.

I can say that I was thinking about it after the match with Rafa Nadal, because I thought I would not have the chance to get out of the group. Then I actually had but then I didn't, finally. I tried to remember if I actually had any good first-time experience in tennis like, I don't know, coming to first Grand Slam and winning, going in the semis or anything like this.

I don't think I ever did it, so I'm really the guy who needs to know how it is before to really get into it. So hopefully this experience will help me if I will have the chance to be in another ATP Finals during the next years."

Medvedev believes he was unlucky losing to Jeremy Chardy in the Paris Masters opening round. That match broke his winning streak. "I can tell you that tennis is made of many small things, and many of them depend on your actually, I would say, out-off-tennis things, the way you feel, are you happy at this moment or not.

I had, like, I would say, one tough week outside of tennis, and I think it cost me a little bit of, I would say, tennis level in Bercy, and then I couldn't keep up with it. Is it also coming from the results I had earlier this season? It is completely possible, but I'm not sure it is.

I mean, I hate to play like I did these weeks before. I never thought that I should have lost a match to be better in ATP Finals, you know."