Tiriac reveals shocking dialogues with Halep during Wimbledon and US Open

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Tiriac reveals shocking dialogues with Halep during Wimbledon and US Open

Ion Tiriac — former top 10 ATP player, businessman, and president of the Romanian Tennis Federation — unveiled some shocking dialogues that he had with Simona Halep at a couple of this year’s Grand Slams, specifically at Wimbledon at the US Open.

The controversial owner of the Madrid Open admitted, in an interview for SportEd Talks, that he sometimes acts roughly in the presence of Simona “I press her from time to time, but that’s my nature. I can’t change.

Do you know what’s the misfortune? At this sport, I’m always right”. Tiriac said. To exemplify his actual ways of motivating Simona, the businessman confessed some of the dialogues that he had with Simona during the 2019 Grand Slams.

Maybe the toughest one was before Halep’s US Open first round against Nicole Gibbs.

  • Tiriac: You should be ashamed by me, by the whole world, when you look in the mirror! Where are you?
  • Halep: But yes, mister Tiriac but didn’t you see...
  • Tiriac: Where are you, how are you?
  • Halep: Yes, but don’t take me like that!

  • Tiriac: You don’t want me to take you like that? Go! Don’t say hello and mind your own business! Go!“
Moreover, this was not the only harsh talk between Simona Halep and her unofficial manager. Tiriac said that rough discussions happened just before the Wimbledon final against Serena Williams as well.

  • Halep: Mister Tiriac, oh my god, she’ll beat me again!
  • Tiriac: Hear me, let’s do something! Go and take the plane from the airport and go home! You are in the Wimbledon final! Do you know what it means to be in the final? You go there and you die on the court!

  • Halep: What about the public?
  • Tiriac: What public?
  • Halep: Yes, Mr. Tiriac, but this one (Serena) has been there a hundred times.
Even if the talks between the two compatriots were tough, they didn’t cease to bring results.

Halep won the first round against Gibbs and did not give a chance to Serena in the Wimbledon final.