Andy Murray: I hope new Davis Cup goes really well

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Andy Murray: I hope new Davis Cup goes really well

The revamped Davis Cup is set to make its debut this week and according to Andy Murray, the new Davis Cup format should be given a chance to succeed. The event, spanning over a week will involve 18 teams into 6 groups of 3 each.

It is being backed by Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s investment firm Kosmos, who are pumping in $3 billion over 25 years. The major shake cup to the 19-year-old Davis Cup that originally saw home and away ties spanning over the year has faced a lot of flak in recent times but Murray is rooting for this format to work.

“I respect that Pique is trying to do something new and different in tennis,” Murray told reporters. “Tennis is not always the easiest to make changes in and this is a big change”. He further added, “I hope it goes really well because, if it does, that’s fantastic for tennis.

I think there’s some people that seem to be hoping it doesn’t go well but I hope it goes really well and that it’s a big success”. “The players and all of the fans need to try to give it a chance to see how it goes and I think we’ll have a better idea after the tournament is finished”.

Murray is a former Davis Cup Champion himself, spearheading Great Britain in 2015 to the title as they beat Belgium in the final. The tournament commences on Monday with the group winners and two best runners-up moving to the quarter-finals. The final will be contested on Sunday.