Stefanos Tsitsipas says he wants to become the GOAT

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Stefanos Tsitsipas says he wants to become the GOAT

In an interview to Socrates Stefanos Tsitsipas was asked how he would like to be remembered in the future. "It should be read: the former world No. 1, or even better, the greatest player of all time", the ATP Finals champion said.

Asked what he improved the most lately, Tsitsipas replied: "My defensive game from the baseline. I worked a lot over the last months, both on court and in the gym. That's why I completely changed my diet. In the meantime, I can say I am totally committed to reach the highest goals.

I became more consistent, I make less mistakes. I am not as crazy as I was in the past. My game is overall more efficient. I also became smarter and I learned that I always play better under pressure. I am on the right path but I have no plans to take a break, believe me.

I am very hungry and I am definitely convinced to go far. Now I enjoy much more attention in Greece than the past year. If I keep like this, this sport will become very popular in my country. I am happy and proud to be a kind of tennis ambassador.

Walking freely there is turning even tougher. Even more fans stop me and they want to take a selfie with me or they ask me for an autograph. My dream was to become a football star but I am happy I picked tennis", concluded the Greek who will start his new season at the ATP Cup.