Nick Kyrgios: 'People tune in to watch Laver Cup, not events like Antwerp'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'People tune in to watch Laver Cup, not events like Antwerp'

Nick Kyrgios always gives his best when it comes to play team events. The Australian feels very inspired and this week's Davis Cup Finals in Madrid makes no exception. Kyrgios said: "I just think moving forward that is the way the sport has to go.

You look at the best sports in the world from an entertainment purpose they are killing tennis. That is why the ATP and the ITF are trying to create more events because if they continue to go down the path they are right now the sport will die out.

You look at the Laver Cup, you had 17,000 people cheering every night and being here in Madrid it's great. I just love being with this Australia team. TV viewers like it and I think people want to see more of it. It needs to happen more to move the sport on.

'From entertainment purposes I don't think too many people are going to tune in to watch a 250 event in Antwerp. There has to be more events like the Laver Cup where there is 17,000 watching and there is more viewers than during a grand slam", said Kyrgios who played Laver Cup twice in Europe and once in the United States.

"Sport is entertainment at the end of the day and if no-one is watching then tennis will die out." Kyrgios did not answer when asked if he believes that Davis Cup schedule should change as many matches are finishing at late night. "Next question", he said.