Daniil Medvedev recalls interesting story about his wife and Auckland

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Daniil Medvedev recalls interesting story about his wife and Auckland

To Struff, Daniil Medvedev recalled a story that happened in 2018 when after losing Doha semifinals he planned to play the ASB Classic in Auckland but then chose Sydney. "The thing was that my girlfriend, now my wife (Daria), she had a visa to New Zealand but they rejected her visa to Australia.

We wanted to be together, so I thought I'd go to play the tournament in Auckland and I was first out (of making it into the draw) and usually, there are [unused] special exempts and people retiring, so you get in easily.

99 times out of 100 you make it in. But this time there were two special exempts, with two guys taking them. There were zero withdrawals, so I had to play in Sydney instead. But I don't regret doing that." Medvedev feels confident ahead of the 2020 season after reaching his maiden Grand Slam final at the US Open losing to Rafael Nadal: "I feel like I when I'm in good shape, I can do a lot of damage to mostly all of the guys and that I have the levels and abilities to win almost every match I play.

After, it's very important to keep in shape, to do everything you can to stay at your best, which is not easy and sometimes you don't manage to do it. But in general, I'm happy about myself. Sometimes you're not feeling well, you lose it, you're slow to every ball and you don't know what to do.

I don't know if it's me being fast, or I'm reading the game well. At the same time, I had been working for this. It just goes with the work and you take it. I'm happy with where I am, but I want to be stronger, so let's hope that you ask me in two years if I'm surprised to be something else."