Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'I fell in love and I want to become world No. 1'

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'I fell in love and I want to become world No. 1'

In an interview, Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke about his goals. The ATP Finals champion said: "My goal is the number one ranking position. What matters for me is the competition. That's what makes me feel alive. Just playing well is not enough to win against somebody who is high in sports and achieved a lot", said Tsitsipas who trains two hours a day on court and an hour and a half at the gym.

"My father Apostolos makes me feel confident. I could not have a better man next to me", said Tsitsipas, adding that he goes on holidays in The Caribbean once a year alone in order to rest, be calm, listen at everything that surrounds me."

He also fell in love with a girl: "It took a bit of time. It's a magical feeling, it opens your mind to something new and especially to me. Love makes you feel things and your time goes on slower." Tsitsipas finally said he likes Italian, Indian and Japanese cuisine but he prefers Greek food.

On his keys for ATP Finals championship clash win over Dominic Thiem, Tsitsipas concluded: "There was something that made me feel relaxed. I felt like if I had nothing to lose anymore and I had different confidence. Towards the end of the tie-break, I started motivating myself, crying in order to have more courage.

It gave me something more. I know that the difference from the best players is not too big and I have that level. If I am good mentally, I have nothing to be afraid of."