Pique: 'If Argentina had reached Davis Cup final,Messi would have attended'

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Pique: 'If Argentina had reached Davis Cup final,Messi would have attended'

Lionel Messi did not attend the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid but the Argentinean could have gone there if his country had gone far. Gerard Pique, who competes for the same team as Messi does, FC Barcelona, said: "It was fun because on Friday I think it was the quarterfinal between Spain and Argentina, we were in the hotel because next day we were playing here in Madrid, and we followed the tie with him.

And obviously, if Argentina would qualify, Leo maybe would be here. Of course, in the end, Spain qualified. And yeah, I mean it was fun. I think it was an incredible tie, decided in the last set of the last match. And he likes tennis very much and he likes to support his country.

So for sure if Argentina would qualify to semifinal he would be here." On possibly seeing the Davis and Fed Cups combined, Pique added: "I think you may remember, we, the ITF, had talked about a mixed team competition.

We think having the men and women together would make sense. We recently announced, as you know, the Fed Cup finals will be in Budapest for the next three years beginning in April 2020. Long-term, it would make a lot of sense to have a combined competition, our Davis Cup and our Fed Cup kind of the World Cup of Tennis together.

But I think we take things step by step because it takes a lot of stakeholders to make a change like that. But it could be great for the game."