Del Potro would have been world No. 1 if injury-free - Orsanic

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Del Potro would have been world No. 1 if injury-free - Orsanic

In an interview, former Argentina's Davis Cup team captain Daniel Orsanic recalled Juan Martin del Potro's impact when they won the title back in 2016. Orsanic, referring to the Tandil native, said: "Unfortunately there were just a few seasons where he ended up being healthy.

He is a great guy and being injury-free he would have been the number one in the world. When he won the Davis Cup he felt big happiness." On what meant to him to win the Davis Cup, Orsanic added: "Winning it was a big achievement.

We had a great team who trusted me. That was always my dream. Winning the Cup is the result of all this." Why did Argentina win that Davis Cup? "We won it because we had the best team ever. I am convinced that at a team level we made up the best Argentina.

That's not a guarantee to win but everyone supported it. The player who was on the court knew that the rest of the team was behind him, which plays a big role in key moments." What was the key to his job? "I trusted what I thought.

I was convinced of what we could get without caring about the sports result or the people outside. I wanted the players and team to be comfortable." Meanwhile, Andy Murray spoke about his post-career plans: “I definitely want to stay in tennis, maybe not immediately as I’d like to take a break and some time away just to be at home with my family. I would see myself having some sort of involvement in tennis, maybe in a coaching capacity”.