Gerard Pique: 'Priority is soccer, not Davis Cup'

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Gerard Pique: 'Priority is soccer, not Davis Cup'

The man behind the new Davis Cup format, Gerard Pique has no doubts about what his priorities are at this point in his career and life. The FC Barcelona player said: "Football (soccer), football and football. I know that in the last weeks the newspaper editors....

Are they here?... They love me very much... They write that I may be distracted by Davis (Cup). This award is from last year and last year I was already involved with Davis and this year will be the same. You can complement things.

And regardless of that, the love for this [Barcelona] shirt and giving everything on the pitch is sacred and it will remain so. The desire is there and hopefully it will be a good year and we win many titles. If we win many titles, those who write this stuff now will not have anything to do with it.

I'll keep going and enjoy it, the more years the better. The day that, for whatever reason, I cannot play for Barça, I will leave. But every day I go to Camp Nou I am fulfilling a dream. If my legs and head permit it, I will continue.

"I wasn't planning to come. I mean, I thought I wouldn't be able to come. In the end, I landed on time. Sorry for my attire. I am very happy and proud. Thanks to my teammates, to the club. Without them, I would not be what I am and I would not have any kind of awards. Hopefully, have a year of success."