Paul Jubb: 'Wimbledon was obviously a great experience'

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Paul Jubb: 'Wimbledon was obviously a great experience'

Fifteen years ago, a five-year-old born in York was spotted by tennis coach Jonny Carmichael because of his apparent talent. This past May, the same boy, but already nineteen years old, wrote history as he became the first Briton and Gamecock (sports player at the University of South Carolina) to win the NCAA Division I Men’s Singles Championships—and his life has successively gone uphill.

Playing for the UoSC since he was sixteen years old, Paul Jubb’s commitment to play for the Gamecocks is about to conclude. He now thinks of splitting his time between the United States and England, when he won’t be traveling to compete on the professional tour.

“England in summer,” he laughed, because he is more of a hot-weather fan. Also, perhaps, England in summer because it is the right place at the right time to play at Wimbledon again. “It was obviously a great experience,” Jubb said about his participation in the 2019 edition of The Championships.

“It’s the most prestigious tournament you can get in tennis and that’s as good as it gets, really. You’re treated so well, everyone takes care of you, you’re literally treated like a king for however long you’re there—all around, it was just a great experience”.

Jubb managed to snatch a set from the ATP's 69th best-ranked player, Joao Sousa, in a 6-0, 6-3, 6-7(8), 6-1 first-round battle on Court 17. During the press conference that followed his first-ever Grand Slam match, Jubb had confessed that he definitely felt like he belonged at this level, even if it would take him time and experience to be fully ready: "The more I play at this level, the more I’ll be able to manage the matches”.

Now ranked World No. 534, will Jubb be back at Wimbledon soon? He could take advantage of the occasion to finally have the Grand Slam’s famous strawberries and cream, which he hasn’t tried during his last visit.

“I should have had some, but I didn’t, I guess I was just trying to stay healthy,” he said, smiling. “I had strawberries, but I didn’t have the cream actually, and the strawberries were very good”.